Cannot login to Jaspersoft with a UIM user (CABI)
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Cannot login to Jaspersoft with a UIM user (CABI)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


  • I have installed and configured the cabi_external probe successfully and the user synchronization job has completed successfully.
  • OR: I have installed and configured the cabi (bundled) probe successfully and installed internal CABI for UIM.



  • I am unable to login directly to the JasperSoft/CABI server using the synchronized UIM users


Release: CNMSPP99000-8.51-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


  • The user synchronization job creates users in JasperSoft but not passwords.
  • These users can access the CABI dashboards in the UMP via the cabi portlet.
    • If they are Nimbus users they have access to all data.
    • If they are account contact users they have access to the data for their account.
  • The portlet (via the probe) logs into JasperSoft with the superuser account and then impersonates the user logged into UMP to create the dashboard with data relevant to that user.
    • Otherwise users cannot login directly to the JasperSoft server.


If a user is a "Real Nimbus User" (e.g. built-in administrator or non-account user) then you can log into CABI with their normal UIM user/password combination, by putting "UIM" in the "Organization" field.

if this does not work, you will need to log in as "superuser" to CABI, then locate the user in question, and set a password for the user that is identical to their UIM password.

Otherwise users will not be able to log in directly.  Account Contact users and LDAP users are unable to log in directly and must go through UMP.

Additional Information

This occurs because although the users are synced from UIM to CABI the passwords are not, and the authentication is handled internally by the cabi or cabi_external probes.  It is intentional - users are not intended to be logging into UIM CABI directly.