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How to turn off the Security triple in Applications Manager for OAE jobs


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


How to turn off the Security triple checking in Applications Manager for OAE jobs.


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Please follow the instructions below to turn off the security check.
  1. Go to the location where the Applications Manager OEBS agent service is installed.  If you need help locating this please contact Automic support.
  2. In the Agents home directory please find the directory named site.
  3. In the site directory find the awenv.ini file and open the file with a file editor.
  4. In the file under the [OAE] section add
  1. You will need to restart the OEBS agent in the user interface as well as the Agent service where you just edited the awenv.ini file.
Once you have the check_triple variable to the ini file of the Agent, it will not be affected by any future upgrades as all settings in the ini file remain static unless changed manually.