Java security pop-up messages
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Java security pop-up messages


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Java security pop-up messages


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent



Errors like the following are displayed in pop-up messages:

'Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern.
Block potentially unsafe components from being run? (recommended)'

This happens e.g. when you try to send a testmail from an agent by hitting the 'Test' button in the email tab of the agent's definition.
In this case, AM freezes and the processes have to be killed and restarted.


A change in the Java security model starting in 1.6.0_19 will warn the user if there is a mix of code when loading an applet (this is true of Sametime or any other product utilizing mixed code).
Signed Java Web Start applications and applets that contain signed and unsigned components could potentially be unsafe unless the mixed code was intended by the application vendor.
As of the Java SE 6 Update 19 release, when a program contains both signed and unsigned components, a warning dialog is raised.

Follow the below steps to resolve the problem.


There are two possible solutions to that problem:

1) disable the java pop-up messages by following these steps:

 1.  Open the Java Control Panel 
      Linux: go to the java installation path and enter ./ControlPanel
      Windows: Open Java in the Windows Control Panel
 2.  Go to the Advanced Tab and Click on the Security dropdown.
 3.  Under Mixed Code click "Enable - hide warning and run with protections".
This will prevent that pop-up from coming up and should allow AM to send out notifications.

2) downgrade to a version of java, where that problem doesn't occur:

The recomended Java version for the client is - If you use a version higher than and
encounter any security access exceptions, you can downgrade to e.g. In that versions, you won't face those kinds of java security messages.