How to speed up the DB maintenance process
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How to speed up the DB maintenance process


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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How to speed up the DB maintenance process


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DB maintenance can sometimes be very time-consuming, hence affecting your overall system performance. However, this negative impact can significantly be decreased by applying the advice contained in this article.

Disclaimer : the steps listed below should not be applied if you need to keep records of archived data. Please be extremely careful before applying them.

Here are a few hints to speed up the maintenance process :

1) First thing : do you use the DB Archive utility ? Because if's not mandatory to use it if you do not need to consult data after it's been removed from the DB.

2) In the DB Reorg's ini file : set "No_archive_check=1" : that parameter is used to check if the data that is being reorganized (flagged) has already been archived. Therefore, by setting it to 1, no verification will be made.

3) In the DB Unload's ini file  :

- set "No_archive_check=1"
- Add "Suppress_output=1" in the [TRANSPORT] section : output is all data that is subject to be deleted by the Reorg tool. This setting means that no output files will be generated.

4) This section is optional and not Automic related, but it can prove useful in some cases : you can perform a Database Shrink + Index rebuilding. Please align with your DBA in order to do so.