IIS 6.0
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IIS 6.0


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


IIS 6.0


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent




IIS 6.0 is preconfigured in IIS 5.0 lockdown mode. This restricts anonymous users from accessing the web server and prevents the web server from serving out any non-registered file type. A number of extra steps need to be taken to serve the AppWorx Java Client and the associated help files.
There are three main steps to configure AppWorx to work with IIS 6.0:
1. Add a virtual directory.
2. Granting Permissions to the <IUSR_MACHINE NAME> user.
3. Create MIME types for the jnlp and application specific files.
IIS Configuration - Adding the Virtual Directory
To add a virtual directory for AppWorx:
1.  From the Windows Start menu, navigate to and select Internet Information Services Manager.
2.  Click the Plus symbol next to the name of the machine.
3.  Right click on Default Web Site.
4.  Select New then Virtual Directory.
    The Virtual Directory wizard will open.
5.  Click Next.
    The Virtual Directory Alias window is displayed.
6.  In the Alias field, type "web" and click Next.
    The Web Site Content Directory window is displayed.
7.  Click the Browse button next to the Directory field and browse to the %AW_HOME%\web directory and click OK.
8.  Click Next.
    The Access Permissions window is displayed.
9.  Include at least Read access.
10. Click Next and then Finish.
11. Back in the Internet Information Services Manager, click the plus sign next to Default Web Site.
12. Right click on the web directory under "Default Web Site" and select Properties.
    The Properties dialog box is displayed.
13. Select the Documents tab.
14. Click the Add button and type in "Intro.html".
15. Click OK until all dialog boxes have been closed.
IIS Configuration - Granting Permissions to the IUSR_&lt;MACHINE NAME> User
The Internet Guest Account needs to be given NTFS access to the AppWorx web directory.
1.  In Windows Explorer, right-click on the %AW_HOME%\web directory.
2.  Click on the Security tab.
3.  Click the Add... button the Advanced... button.
4.  In the Name field, set the drop down box to Starts with and type "IUSR" in the search box.
5.  Click Find Now.
6.  Select the "IUSR" user for the local machine.
7.  Click OK twice.
8.  Select the user just added and make sure the Allow box is checked for Read & Execute, Read, and List Folder Contents.
9.  Click OK.
Next, anonymous access needs to be granted to the Virtual Directory created for the %AW_HOME%\web directory
1.  In the Internet Information Services Manager right-click on the Virtual Directory made for the %AW_HOME%\web directory and select Properties.
2.  Click on the Directory Security tab.
3.  Click on the Edit... button in the Authentication and access control area.
4.  Check the Enable anonymous access box.
5.  Fill in the User name and Password fields for the IUSR_<Machine Name> user.
6.  Click OK twice.
IIS Configuration - Create MIME types for the jnlp and application specific files
To add the required MIME types:
1.  Open the Internet Information Services Manager.
2.  Right-click on Default Web Site, and select Properties.
    The Properties dialog box is displayed.
3.  Select the HTTP Headers tab.
4.  In the MIME Map group box, select File Types.
    The File Types dialog box is displayed.
5.  Select New Type.
6.  For Associated extension, enter ".jnlp".
7.  For Content type (MIME), enter "application/x-java-jnlp-file". Click OK.
8.  Add the following other MIME types in the same way:
<TABLE BORDER BORDERCOLOR=CCCCCC CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=4><COL SPAN=2 ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP><THEAD BGCOLOR="CCCCCC"> <TH>Extension&lt;/TH> <TH>MIME Type</TH></THEAD><TR> <TD>.cfg</TD> &lt;TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.css</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.hs</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.jhm</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.mft</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.properties</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR><TR> <TD>.xml</TD> <TD>text/xml</TD></TR></TABLE>