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How to verify information that should be entered for the Informatica Connection Login Object


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


How to verify information that should be entered for the Informatica Connection Login Object


Release: AOMBOA99000-3.0-Automic-Operations Manager-Business Objects Agent



You are trying to create a login Object for your Informatica RA agent and wish to ensure you are entering the correct information for the prompts.


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Here's a test that you can try that will verify that the data you entered into the Informatica agent and Connection object definitions is valid and works outside of AM (or OM):
o Please open your Informatica Agent's definition.
o The Informatica tab shows the directory for the pmcmd (api) executable (Path to pmrep and pmcmd Directory): For example an agent in house has the directory of "C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0\server\bin."  That is the directory you will want to start from on the machine where your Informatica directory is located. 
o Next look at the connection object (login) For Informatica to get values which are used in the example test below.
o Login to the machine where the informatica directory is located
o Open a command prompt and cd to the informatica directory you found earlier on the Informatica tab in the agent definition.
o Below is an example sequence of commands to connect to the Integration Service to test the connection That was conducted in house:
Informatica(r) PMCMD, version [8.6.0], build [178.0612], Windows 32-bit
Copyright (c) Informatica Corporation 1994 - 2008
All Rights Reserved.
Invoked at Fri Jan 07 14:33:05 2011
pmcmd> connect
username: repuser1
usersecuritydomain: Native
password: repuser1
domain name: Domain_vwadev02
service name: IntegrationService1
Connected to Integration Service: [IntegrationService1].  ? this line means it worked.
Are you able to successfully connect? If you are able to connect from the command line but are still having problems from within the Applications Manager GUI please contact support.