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Monitoring Remote Agents going to SRVC_DOWN


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Monitoring Remote Agents going to SRVC_DOWN


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent




How can I monitor Remote Agents going down on my instance?


This can be done by means of a job that will run on the Master every few minutes (as required). This can be achieved by means of a SQL or a shell script job.

- The first one is using SQL. Below is the SQL that you can use to do that:

select count(*) from aw_node_view where so_status_name = 'Srvc_Down';

- The other one could be a shell driven script (Unix/Linux only) that is running and taking an action based completely on the results of the script. A small shell command to keep an eye of bad status values can be:

awexe node | awk '$2=="Srvc_Down" {print $1}'

This command just lists all Agents in a Srvc_Down status. If you would like to do a count on the agents in Srvc_Down you can just put a 'wc -l' at the end:

awexe node | awk '$2=="Srvc_Down" {print $1}'| wc -l

The output of the above commands (and/or SQL script) can then be used to take any necessary action like sending emails, notifications, etc.

**NOTE - The 'awexe' commands will NOT work if the Master is down. However, in that case the SQL above can be used outside of AM via a scheduled script to perform the required action(s).