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Objects missing or don't display correctly in the Applications Manager v9 client using Oracle12c DB


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Objects missing or don't display correctly in the Applications Manager v9 client using Oracle12c DB


Release: AAMORS99000-9.0-Automic Applications Manager-Oracle - RMS



We have found an issue with Applications Manager v9 where objects in the UI (jobs, logins, etc) do not display or are missing data when using a 12c database. This issue seems to occur more frequently on Windows operating systems, however has also been encountered on UNIX. It occurs after a period of time (creating more and more objects) and appears to be a data inconsistency between the tables and the indexes.  We have opened a ticket with Oracle support and they are currently investigating the cause of this issue. However, in the meantime, Oracle has provided a temporary workaround of setting optimizer_features_enable to (see below). We will provide an update when we receive more information from Oracle as to the exact cause and solution.


You can set optimizer_features_enable either at the system level (will affect the entire database) or at the individual AM user session level. Instructions for both options are included below. Consult your DBA to see which option is best for you.

Option 1 - AM User Session Level:
1.  Log in as the AM Oracle user
2.  Run the following sql to insert a record into the aw_master_stmts table.

SQL> insert into aw_master_stmts values('alter session set optimizer_features_enable=''''',4);
SQL> commit;
3.  Stop/start the processes for your Master Server (stopso all/startso all).

The optimizer entry will be read from the table and AM will establish connections to oracle with the new session setting. This option will only change the optimization for the AM user (no other database accounts).

Option 2 - System Level:    
1. Run the following sql as the SYS or SYSTEM user:                         
SQL> alter system set optimizer_features_enable='';
Note: A system change will affect all users/applications in this database.


We received confirmation that this is an Oracle bug, resolved in  This was resolved in unpublished bug 18618049.  If you run into this issue, we recommend you contact Oracle and / or upgrade to the latest patch set ( or above).