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Receive java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20144: No matching responsibility for Resp: error on OAE jobs.


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Receive java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20144: No matching responsibility for Resp: error on OAE jobs.


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Detailed Description and Symptoms

When trying to intercept or capture jobs from Oracle Application you receive the following error in the AgentService log on the remote server the OAE agent is associated with after it fails:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@APPS01.[email protected]

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20144: No matching responsibility for Resp:CW NTW SCM Super User Appl:CCWMSC and User:SCPADMIN

ORA-06512: at "APPS.APPWORX_OAE_PK", line 470

ORA-06512: at line 1



The security triples information is not matching between the job prompts in Applications Manager and it's set up in Concurrent Manager.

TO confirm this is the case please look at the error message you are receiving in the AgentService log:

ErrorMsg: AwE-5001 Database Query Error (5/1/11 10:30 PM)

Details: appworx_oae_pk.aw_submit_conc

 0 jobId: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:129634.00

 1 resp_name: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:Advanced Supply Chain Planner

 2 resp_appl_name: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:MSC

 3 user_name: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:SCPADMIN

 4 application: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:MSC

 5 program: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String: CCW_MSC_PO_SCHD_RCPTS

 6 printer: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 7 printer_style: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 8 copies: IN:NUMERIC::null

 9 save_output: IN:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:Y

 10 print_together: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 11 conc_months: IN:OUT:NUMERIC:java.math.BigDecimal:120


 13 descr: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2::null

 14 language_territory: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:AMERICAN-|-AMERICA

 15 check_triple: IN:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:Y

 16 xml_tmplt_appl_name: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 17 xml_tmplt_code: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 18 xml_tmplt_lang_terr: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 19 xml_output_format: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 20 org_id: IN:VARCHAR2::null

 21 arg_string: IN:OUT:VARCHAR2:java.lang.String:U


To confirm if there is a triples match please run the following package in sqlplus as the APPS user:


You would need to check in your job and see what you had set up as these values. Looking at the above error message it would be run as such:

set serveroutput on size 100000


appworx_oae_pk.check_triple_debug('SCPADMIN','MSC','Advanced Supply','CCW_MSC_PO_SCHD_RCPTS','Y');


If there is no match you will have similar returned:

SQL> set serveroutput on size 100000


appworx_oae_pk.check_triple_debug ('SCPADMIN','MSC', 'Advanced Supply Chain Planner', ,'CCW_MSC_PO_SCHD_RCPTS','Y');


SQL> 2 3 4 /

Check triple debug

Looking for user:SCPADMIN Appl:MSC Resp:Advanced Supply Chain Planner

List of valid:

For program:


User: Appl: Resp:

NO match found for:

User:SCPADMIN Appl:MSC Resp:Advanced Supply Chain Planner


PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.




If you receive no matching responsibilities you will need to update the prompts on the job in

Applications Manager to match what is set up within Concurrent Manager.