Bulk Loader - Error 400: Not Authenticated
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Bulk Loader - Error 400: Not Authenticated


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The following error appears when running the Bulk Loader Client:

IM Bulk Loader invoked ... 

Loaded configuration options from properties file: C:\CA\Virtual Appliance Tools\CA-IM_BulkLoadClient\conf\CreateEmployeeUser.properties 

Input file name: C:\CA\HRtoIDM\Output\Create_Employee.csv 


Input file format: CSV 

Transformation of input file finished successfully 

Server URL: http://example.net:8080/iam/im/TEWS6/identityEnv 

Submitting all records in one request ... 

WARN 13-12 16:43:22,968 - Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler and javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart). Attachment support is disabled. 


Failed to submit data to server 

ImsException caught: 

Fault Code: Client 

Fault String: Not Authenticated. 


Name: com.netegrity.ims.tews6.Tews6Exception 

Code: 400 

Description: Not Authenticated.


CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance release 14.1


Wrong configuration at Bulk Loader Client properties file.


1. Backup your exiting bulk loader client properties file.

2. Run the bulk loader client with -u, -p, -S flags to commit username and password on the bulk loader client properties file correctly with correct encrypted password.

3. Reset any custom properties from the backup to the newly generated properties file.

4. Run the bulk loader client again.