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Applications Manager Upgrade Planning


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


The outline below can be used as a general reference point when planning an Applications Manager upgrade


Release: 9.3 + -Automic Applications Manager


So you are planning on upgrading. That is great news. We would like to help ensure this is a positive experience. The first thing you should do is tell Broadcom Support about your plans to upgrade. You can do so by going to Broadcom Support Portal and opening a case. Once you have let us know you're upgrading, you will most likely be sent the following document. You are welcome to alert us that you have read this and provide answers to the questions below.

Broadcom Support will be available to assist you during your upcoming upgrade with any product problems you may encounter.


Following please find some recommendations to follow in order that we may provide this assistance:


  • Read and review in advance the upgrade portion of the documentation. 1
  • Please review the Release Notes for the release you are upgrading to. 2
  • Have available a backup of the Applications Manager database, taken immediately prior to the upgrade.
  • Have available backups of the Applications Manager file repository. 3
  • Have available a complete image of your current (pre-upgrade) Applications Manager version either on CD or an available drive.
  • Have available any personnel with expertise for all Applications Manager related technologies, (DBA's, OS Administrators, Network Administrators, etc.)


Please understand that our primary focus is to restore Production as quickly as possible for each and every customer who calls in.  With the recommended backups and image you can quickly and easily back out of the upgrade and restore production in your current version, in the event that you encounter an issue which requires extensive analysis or trouble shooting, or escalation to Development.

Should your timeline for completing the upgrade be restrictive, or should you prefer a resource who is solely dedicated to completing your upgrade, please let us know so that we can discuss further options.

Regardless, we would like to schedule a call to discuss your success criteria for this upgrade, and your readiness to achieve it.  Some important topics for discussion are the following:


  • What training have you received?
  • If this is a major version upgrade have you tested your system for the recommended 3 months?
  • When did you last perform an upgrade?
  • Have you performed a test upgrade?
  • Did you test against a full production load of data?
  • Did you test each and every production object?
  • How long did the test upgrade take?
  • Does that time frame meet your success criteria?


Please let us know your availability.  Thank you.


1 For upgrades to AM this is located in the Installation Guide which can be downloaded from Automic Download Center under the documentation section, (Note: the documentation is version specific).

2 For upgrades to AM this is located in the Tools>Release Notes section at Automic Download Center

3 For upgrades from AM this would be everything under anything under $AW_HOME or %AW_HOME%).