Release Notes: Rapid Automation Informatica Agent v3
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Release Notes: Rapid Automation Informatica Agent v3


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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Release Notes: Rapid Automation Informatica Agent v3


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ReleaseNotes: Rapid Automation


InformaticaAgent v3






The Informatica Agent wasdeveloped and tested against:


Informatica8.6.0 on Windows


Informatica8.6.1 on Linux


Informatica9.0.1 on Linux


Informatica9.1.0 on Linux and AIX


Informatica9.5.0 on Linux


It may work with otherversions, but it has not been tested against them. It requires either:


• Automic v9Service Pack 3 HotFix 3 or later


OperationsManager v8.00 Service Pack 5 or later


ApplicationsManager v8.0 Service Pack 7 or later




You cannow automatically create multiple Informatica WorkFlow Jobs on the new CreateJobs Agent subtab.


You cannow check the Only transfer session log files when WORKFLOWJOBs fail boxin an Informatica


Agent's definition totransfer Session logs only on failure for all Informatica WorkFlow Jobs ratherthan


making that determinationin each Informatica WorkFlow Job's definition.


Sessionor Task Job types can now run Informatica Worklets, and WorkFlow Job types cannow start from


Worklets and Tasks withinNon-Reusable Worklets.


Changein Behavior: Using Object Variables Instead of PUT_ATT Commands for RapidAutomation Field


Replacementsin Operations Manager v8.00 and Automic v9


Attributes of Rapid AutomationJobs may change when new versions of the Rapid Automation Agents are


released. When thishappens, :PUT_ATT commands defined in earlier versions of the Agentswill no longer work.


Therefore, in RapidAutomation Jobs, we recommend that you always use object variables for fieldreplacements,


not :PUT_ATT commands.


To change a Job from usinga PUT_ATT command to an object variable, do the following:


1. Removethe PUT_ATT command from the Job's Process or Pre-Process tab.


2. Add avariable to the Variables & Prompts tab of Job.


3. In thefield where you wish to replace a value, enter the object variable in theformat &<Variable># where


<Variable>represents the variable name you entered on the Variables &Prompts tab.




S#172446:Added Security Domain field to Connection object for LDAP Authentication.


S#175642:Fixed a problem where Connection object passwords were stored in clear text.


S#176028:The tmp parameter file is now written locally to avoid user permission errorson Linux.


S#177987:Fixed a problem where aborted Tasks showed the wrong status.


S#184648:Fixed a problem where the Process ID column was displaying the Automic RunID.


S#188808:Fixed a problem where a session disconnect caused Tasks to fail.


Release Notes: RapidAutomation Informatica Agent 5


S#192573:Increased the performance of Workflow Job types.


S#193997:Fixed timing issues that caused hanging pmcmd commands.


S#196862:Fixed a problem where Job statuses were incorrect after restarting the Agent.


S#196876:Fixed a problem where WorkFlow Jobs set to "Suspend on Error" did notdisplay their


Suspended status.


S#199045:Fixed a problem where Jobs failed with the start error: ERROR: Folder['BI_Analizleri'] not found.


S#203844:Fixed a problem where failed Informatica Workflows did not update their statusin Automic.


S#205538:Fixed a problem where the Repository Name field could not contain spaces inConnection




S#205544: Fixed a problem where parameters were returned withdouble blank values.