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SFTP connection unsuccessful for RA FTP Agent


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


SFTP connection unsuccessful for RA FTP Agent


Release: AUTOME99000-2.0-Automic-Oracle Retail MOM-Enterprise Edition


Detailed Description and Symptoms

This problem involves connecting to a remote FTP host using the SFTP connection object.  For example, SFTP jobs not running for a outside FTP host.

The problem occurs is when attempting to connect to the remote FTP host using a SFTP job (using a SFTP CONN object), the connection is never made and the attempt just times out because no response is received.

This is the error message that may be returned:

Error, unable to connect to remote host
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: channel is broken?


Sample partial log with error messages:

2012-03-28 11:40:58            Using SFTP private key file: D:\SFTP\TAB\OPENTAB
2012-03-28 11:40:58            Not using pass phrase
2012-03-28 11:40:58            session created
2012-03-28 11:40:58            known hosts file =C:\/.ssh/known_hosts
2012-03-28 11:40:59            FtpAgent_FTPFileTransferJob_connection completed_s
Error,  unable to connect to remote host
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: channel is broken

20120324/050510.346 - U2013338 This Agent supports RA Framework Version '4'.
20120324/050511.363 -          FtpAgent 2.04
20120324/050511.363 -          build 1663 HotFix V2.04A108-301 Fri Mar 25 10:57:43 PDT 2011
20120324/050511.363 -         
20120324/050511.363 -          FTPConnection 1.23
20120324/050511.363 -          build 1651 Tue Mar 22 16:13:39 PDT 2011



This problem is caused by one of the third party jar files (jsch.jar) the RA FTP Agent uses.  The problem has been fixed with a new version of the jar file named: jsch-0.1.48.jar (more information on the fix is available here

Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:

1) Duplicate the ucxjcitx.jar file in the ..\agent\bin directory
2) Make a backup of the ucxjcitx.jar (i.e. ucxjcitx.jar.ori)
3) Change the ucxjcitx.jar (open the jar file with i.e. 7-Zip)
4) Switch to the META-INF folder and modify the MANIFEST.MF
5) Change jsch-0.1.39.jar to jsch-0.1.48.jar
6) Copy the jsch-0.1.48.jar to the ...\agent\bin\shared directory
7) Start the FTP agent and run your ftp job again.