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No dialog processes available


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


No dialog processes available


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager


Detailed Description and Symptoms

During peak or heavy processing periods, the UserInterface becomes very slow or unresponsive.  A search of the AutomationEngine (Server) logs reveals that the Operations Manager system does not have any DWPs (Dialog processes) available as in the example below:


Server         Typ C   Host                        Port        StartTime                 LastUpdateTime

-------------- ---  -   ----------------------- -----    -------------------          -------------------

PRD#CP001 CP   1            2217  2011-01-12 16:35:34  2011-01-13 23:17:34

PRD#CP002 CP   1            2218  2011-01-12 16:39:58  2011-01-13 23:16:58

PRD#WP001 PWP *            2270  2011-01-12 16:35:11  2011-01-13 23:17:29

PRD#WP002 WP  1            2220  2011-01-12 16:37:09  2011-01-13 23:17:35

PRD#WP003 WP  1            2230 2011-01-12 16:40:49   2011-01-13 23:17:32

PRD#WP004 WP  1            2240  2011-01-12 16:44:06  2011-01-13 23:17:28


Convert Work process to Dialog processes


"Dialog Processes"

Dialog processes are a special form of work processes (DWP). They function the same way as work processes but are exclusively used for UserInterface messages.


Performance may be negatively affected if the primary work process (PWP) has to deal with complex queries or huge data amounts. We therefore recommend converting a particular number of work processes to Dialog processes. Do so either manually in the System Overview using script elements or define a default value in the system-wide settings. An Automic system may operate without Dialog processes; however, this is not recommended.


** Please note - A Server process which has a Server role cannot be converted to a Dialog process. This means that the primary work process plus at least two work processes must be active before a Dialog process is available.**


Work processes may be converted to Dialog processes from the SystemOverview using the corresponding popup-menu command (Note - this does not include the PWP).  Dialog processes are identified as type "D".


"System settings"

It is also possible to define a default value to control the number of Dialog processes. This is done in the Automic Variable UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS using the validity keyword WP_MIN_NUMBER. A "node name" and the minimum number of work processes are specified as the value of WP_MIN_NUMBER. The number of work processes that exceed the value set by WP_MIN_NUMBER are converted to Dialog processes.