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Product compatibility between different releases of same version


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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Product compatibility between different releases of same version


Component: AAUTEN



The Automic Products, by their nature, very rapidly and constantly evolve and therefore can sometimes have a lot of different versions of the same product. How to know what is compatible with what?


For instance, if one tries to answer those questions :

- Is the Java UserInterface 8.00A408-091 safe to use with UC4 server version 8.00A302-371?

- Can I use the UserInterface SP9 with UC4 SP8? 


Here are some rules about this specific subject :

- For Version 8 (Operations Manager), it is safe to assume that all components work with each other, as long as they remain part of Version 8.

- Same goes for Version 10 of Automation Engine : all components are cross-compatible

- Version 9 of Automation Engine is a bit more tricky : Up to SP4 all components need to belong to the corresponding SP4 (for exemple, a V9 SP4 server has to run via a V9 SP4 UserInterface). This does not apply to SP5 upward, and for example a component in V6 is compatible with a V9 component.