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Unable to stop UNIX Agents via the ServiceManager Dialog


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Unable to stop UNIX Agents via the ServiceManager Dialog


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager


Detailed Description and Symptoms

A properly installed UNIX Agent is able to be started using the ServiceManager Dialog without any issues; however, it is not possible to stop the UNIX Agent via the ServiceManager Dialog. ?


Check if all files in the "<Agent>/bin" directory have the correct owner and group entrie:

1) Automic must be the owner.

2) The group must correspond to the identification "Automic". The change must take place under a privileged user (root, for example). 

3) The program for for the Agent (i.e.: ucxj???) has been given the permissions of a privileged user such as root.  Example - 
- Changed owner to root using the command 'chown root ucxj???'

- S-Bit has been set (Set-Userid) using the command 'chmod 4755 ucxj???'


The ServiceManager program has to be owned by root in v9.  In v9, the ServiceManager needs root "effective rights" to control the UNIX Agents.

A root privileged user has to complete the following -
1) chown root ucybsmgr (in "<ServiceManager>/bin" directory)

2) Restart the ServiceManager


Additional Information:

As of v9 SP 2, the following information has been added to the documents that describe the ServiceManager installation and the ServiceManager as a Service:

A ServiceManager must be available on the same computer as the components which it uses. If the components are installed on different hosts, you must install a ServiceManager on each of these computers.

Possible Problems: An Agent cannot be ended ("permission denied" error) as of version 9.00A, the UNIX Agent automatically sets its real user to "root" after it has started. The ServiceManager must also run with effective root rights as otherwise, it cannot end the Agent because the OS denies the access. Ensure that the ServiceManager also runs under the actual "root" user in order to avoid this problem.


All Agents are also able to be stopped and started from the SystemOverview by using the following information:
1) "Start " command on the popup menu starts an Agent via a ServiceManager.
2) This option can only be used if a ServiceManager is available for starting the Agent.
->> Additionally, the ServiceManager settings are required to be entered in the Agent object's "Attributes" tab either manually or with the command "Refresh Service Manager Scan" (does not necessarily have to be the v9 ServiceManager available).
->> Also, "Link to Service Manager" must be activated on the Agent's "Attributes" tab.
3) "Refresh Service Manager Scan" command on the popup menu refreshes the ServiceManager's connection settings for the selected Agent.
->> This command is only available in the popup menu if the ServiceManager's connection settings have been set previously on the Agent object's "Attributes" tab. ?