Setting up TNS
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Setting up TNS


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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Setting up TNS


Component: APLORC



Bothproducts (Automic Policy Orchestrator and Automic Predictive Analytics) rely on the Oracle Instant client to connect to Oracle databases. The instantclient is shipped with the product and used per default if no other Oracleclient with a higher product version is installed. Any Oracle connectionconfigured for either product is able to use either EZConnect (Basic) connection or TNS (Transparent Network Substrate).


  1. Create a file named tnsnames.ora or use an existing one 
  2. Refer to [1] for an explanation ofthe file structure
  3. Create a new system environment variableTNS_ADMIN for pointing to the desired location of tnsnames.ora
  4. The Automic Insight Configuration Manageris now able to perceive the configured TNS names



Configuration Manager is able to resolve the TNS name, but either Admin Node or Worker throw errors:
Make sure that the user under which the corresponding process runs is able to perceive the TNS_ADMIN variable and has access to the tnsnames.ora file.

There is a mismatch between the configured service name and the actual service name of the Oracleinstance, or an improperly configured Oracle service, please refer to your Database Administrator.


·         ORA-12541:
The TNS name can be resolved, but there is no TNS listener configured at thespecified hostname and port, please check the tnsnames.ora and Oracle instancesettings and refer to your Database Administrator.

·         ORA-12145:
There is no entry for requested TNS name in the tnsnames.ora file, or thetnsnames.ora file cannot be accessed.

[1],Accessed March 2013