Artifact Not Found when viewing job definition
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Artifact Not Found when viewing job definition


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iDash Workload Automation iDash Workload Automation for CA 7


When we try to get the job definition in iDash, we receive following popup message:

Artifact not found: The environment for this AE instance may not have been setup correctly in the Admin Tool. 
Please contact your administrator


Idash 12.x on WIndows/Linux


When retrieving job definitions from WAAE, iDash utilizes the WAAE Client Utilities that are installed on the iDash server. This error occurs due to one of the following...

1. There are no WAAE Client Utilities installed and/or configured for the WAAE instance from which you are attempting to retrieve a job definition.
2. In the configuration for the WAAE instance in the iDash Admin Tool, the environment variables for the local client have not been properly set.
3. The WAAE Client Utilities are failing in the background when iDash attempts to use them.


Ensure the WAAE Client Utilities are installed on the iDash server and configured for the instance to which iDash is connecting.

In the iDash Admin Tool, check the environment settings for the AutoSys server that is configured...

Ensure these variables are set to the proper location for the WAAE Client installed on the iDash server. For Windows servers, the library path variable would be blank. However, if the iDash server is UNIX/LINUX, the library path field should contain the path to the WAAE Client lib directory. (typically the same as AUTOSYS with /lib on the end).

Test the utilities outside of iDash and make sure you are not getting any errors. For example, run an 'autorep -J <job_name> -q' and make sure it provides the jil for the specified job. If that gets any errors from the command line, iDash will be getting the same error behind the scenes and will post the "Artifact not found" error as a result.

NOTE: The WAAE Client Utilities are 32-bit. If your iDash server is UNIX/Linux, the client requires the 32-bit version of certain O/S packages. Please consult the following link for specific O/S package requirements.

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