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Troubleshooting problems with certain objects


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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Troubleshooting problems with certain objects


Component: AAUTEN



· Errors or erroneous processing of certain objects
· Crash of Server Processes (CP or WP)
· Error messages in the Message Window, such as "Runtime Error"

Required documents

· Logs of all CP's and WP's from all Automic application servers within the last +/- 1 hour of the error time
· Exact error message, including the RunID(s) of the object
· Xml-export of the object including all used objects (Includes, Variables, etc.)
· All execution reports and logs of the RunID(s)
· Agent log, in case of Filetransfer, log of both agents involved
· Compulsory traces, if any exists
· Any dumps created
· Any error messages form the operating system, if issued


· Merge all WP Logs with Tracemix
· Search for the RunID, object name, Agent name if available and for the error message
· Search for the RunID, object name in the Agent log

Additional documents

· In case of a reproduce able error, or ongoing errors in almost all cases a trace TCP/IP=2 and Database=4 of the WP's is sufficient.
· Create a trace TCP/IP=9 of the agent as well, other agent trace levels depend on the agent.