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U2004172 Error while calling function module 'BAPI_XMI_LOGON'.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


U2004172 Error while calling function module 'BAPI_XMI_LOGON'.


Release: AOATAM99000-8.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



Detailed Description and Symptoms
After starting of a SAP agent the following  error occurs:

U2004172 Error while calling function module 'RFC_SYSTEM_INFO'.
               Name or password is incorrect. Please re-enter
U2000041 Closing Agent 'SAP_Agent'.
U2000010 Connection to Server '/' terminated.
U2000002 Automic Agent 'SAP_Agent' version '8.00A000-000' ended abnormally.

For further investigation you can make a RFC=9 trace on the agentside:
When attempting to start the SAP agent again - you will receive the following error message in the Tracefiles

20140207/072307.785 - U2000003 Job '*******_222_USERID_*****' was started with RunID '******'.
20140207/072307.941 - U2004172 Error while calling function module 'BAPI_XMI_LOGON'.
20140207/072307.941 - Initialization of repository destination ******* failed
20140207/072307.941 - of repository destination ****** failed
20140207/072307.957 - ***LOGON_FAILED


Check the privileges and password of the CPIC User you are using in the login object. Just to be on the safe side try to reset the password of the CPIC user. Log into the SAP Interface using the same username and new password.
Then change the password of the connection object in client 0 to have the same username password there as well.

If the same error occures after the reset of the CPIC Users password, please check the privilege of the CPIC User using (SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW)

Once the privilege of the CPIC user and the password have been corrected, the error message should be resolved.