Updating an RA Agent in Applications Manager
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Updating an RA Agent in Applications Manager


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


How do I upgrade an Rapid Automation (RA) Agent in Applications Manager?


Release: AM 8.x and 9.x
Component: Applications Manager


1. From the Applications Manager (AM) client, stop the RA Agent that will be upgraded.

2. Copy the deploy file to the deploy folder on your client system. The path can be found by opening the RA Loader in the next step.

3. Click Tools > Rapid Automation Loader in the Applications Manager client.

4. Click on the Browse button, and navigate to the deploy folder. You should see the deploy file in the folder.

5. Note the ID of the agent you are upgrading in the Loaded Components section in Rapid Automation Loader.

6. Change the ID in the Available Components to the ID from step 5 in Rapid Automation Loader.

7. Select the Agent that you are upgrading to in the Available Components section of Rapid Automation Loader.

8. Click the Apply button. Once it has finished loading, exit out of the Rapid Automation Loader.

9. Start the RA agent from the AM client.

10. Check the version in the Loaded Components  section of the Rapid Automation Loader, and verify it's the correct version.