Userinterface keeps on losing connection
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Userinterface keeps on losing connection


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Userinterface keeps on losing connection


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



A userinterface that is running over a WAN-connection keeps losing connection after a certain period of time.

The connection is lost for all active users at the same time.


The following information concerning this error can be found in a "Userinterface-Trace" (with a TCP/IP Trace 3 activated in the uc4config.xml) and the communication process logfile (default location in the temp folder of the "Automation Egine")

Error in the "Userinterface Tracefile":

                                             Connection reset
                                                                                        at Source)
                                                                                        at com.automic.K.U.A(Unknown Source)
                                                                                        at com.automic.K.U.A(Unknown Source)
                                                                                        at com.automic.K.V.K(Unknown Source)
                                                                                        at Source)
                                                                                        at Source)
                                                      U4006703 Connection to System: 'UC8' Client: '90'  was closed. UC8_90   

Error found in the "Communication Process Logfile":

                                                      U0003413 Socket call 'recv' returned error code '10053'.
                                                                     An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

                                                      U0003407 Client connection 76(21)' from 'TCP/IP:PORT' has logged off from the Server.                        





This is not a Automic error, this is an error in the TCP/IP - stack protocolled by Automic.

Automic relies on a stable network connection, the ports used for Automic components must be defined for the one component only, firewall settings must be adjusted to Automic needs. 

The root cause of this problem can only be investigated by the "Network Administrator".

Hint for the root cause of the problem:

The error is a TCP-level connection error that means that the peer unexpectedly disappeared , and we didn't see an orderly shutdown of the connection.
If it always happens after a certain connection length, or after the connection has been idle for a certain period, it's likely that there is a stateful firewall in the way that is dropping the connection after that period.