UNIX - shutdown and startup procedures
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UNIX - shutdown and startup procedures


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


UNIX - shutdown and startup procedures


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


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Many of the troubleshooting procedures described in the Knowledge Base require you to re-start the Applications Manager (AM) processes on the Master. The shutdown and start-up procedures for UNIX and Windows for Applications Manager v8.0 are described in this topic. For more information on AM processes and stop/start options, see the Applications Manager Administration Guide.

Note: UNIX is case-sensitive.



Setting the Correct Applications Manager Environment

Before performing the procedures described below, you should set the correct environment by doing the following:

      Go to the $AW_HOME/site directory.

  1. Issue the following command:
    . sosite

    If you get an sosite not found error, try this command:

    . ./sosite

 After issuing the command, you should be returned to the command prompt.

To find out if your home is set, you can try to echo the AW_HOME environment variable:

echo $AW_HOME

Viewing the Statuses of Your AM Processes

To see a statuses of the AM processes from the command line, use the "appworx a" command (this is similar to the "awexe node" command, but it has column headings):

[email protected]:/AM/users/v80> appworx a

Agent                          Status   Last Act   M/A Thds   Bk Run Hld Abt Sch
V8                              Running 00:00:12     M   99     0     0     0     0    0
V8                              Running 00:00:20      A   99     1     0     0     0    0

 Shutdown and Start-up Procedures for v8

To stop the Applications Manager processes, issue the following commands:

      stopso all
      stopso awcomm *

* Warning! It is not recommended to stop the awcomm process, especially if there are multiple automation engines or agents installed on the same machine.  As long as all other Applications Manager processes are stopped, the awcomm process can be running during a database refresh or backup because the awcomm does not connect to the database.

Ensure that all of the AM processes have been stopped by issuing a command similar to this (logged in as the Applications Manager user on the Master machine):

       ps -aef | grep <AM userid>

If you have the Apache Web Server processes still running, you can stop them by issuing the following command:

       apachectl stop

The awcomm process should be the only process still running for Applications Manager unless you stopped the awcomm.  All other AM processes should be killed before trying to restart them.

To start the Applications Manager processes, issue the following commands:

startso all

To start-up the Apache Web server, if it isn't already running, issue the following command:

apachectl start