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What Oracle database grants are required for Applications Manager v8.0?


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


What Oracle database grants are required for Applications Manager v8.0?


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent



Version 8.0 of Applications Manager(AM) requires certain grants for the Oracle user. Below is a detailed list of the grants and a brief description as to whythey are required.

Needed for the creationof objects.  All these types of objects are used by AM:
grant create view to <AM User>;
      grant create procedure to <AM User>;
     grant create trigger to <AM User>;
     grant create table to <AM User>;

Each of thesestandard packages are used by AM PL/SQL routines:
grant execute on dbms_sql to <AM User>;
     grant execute on dbms_pipe to <AM User>;
     grant execute on dbms_lock to <AM User>;
     grant execute on dbms_output to <AM User>;

Needed to alterthe oracle connection session to ensure proper NLS_LANG settings and othersession configurations are correct:
grant alter session to <AM User>;

Synonyms are usedby AM for some objects:
grant create synonym to <AM User>;

Needed todetermine the Oracle session we are assigned for logging purposes and to detectif there are any other active Master Sessions that shouldn't be active.
grant select on v_$session to <AM User>;

Used rarely, buthelpful when recovering from catastrophic system outages, collision issues(these days typically caused by bad Oracle statistics. More common inunpatched 10g or 9i versions.)
grant select on v_$lock to <AM User>;
     grant select on v_$locked_object to <AM User>;