Upgrade Fails with a message "Installation exited with errors"
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Upgrade Fails with a message "Installation exited with errors"


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Upgrade Fails with a message "Installation exited with errors"


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent



After running an Applications Manager v8 upgrade you should see the following message appear on the screen if the upgrade is successful:

Installation Complete

If you do not see this message, it means for some reason the upgrade failed and you will see the following message displayed on the screen:

Installation exited with errors


Something occurred during the upgrade that caused the upgrade to fail.  In order to determine why the upgrade failed you will need to look at the log files located in the $AW_HOME/install sub-directory.


The first step is to look at end of the aw_install.log file and work backward until you find the error.  See the example below.

Once you find and resolve the error, you will need to run awinstall again until you receive the "Installation Complete" message which indicates you have successfully upgraded Applications Manager.


A customer upgraded Applications Manager to the latest version of 8 from an older version and the AM processes were started.  However, when they tried to access a Request Module action on a condition, it was not available so they called support.  And the following steps were taken to determine the cause of the problem:

1) Because the installation was recently upgraded, we looked at the $AW_HOME/aw_install.log file to verify that the upgrade was successful.  When we looked at the bottom of the file we found the following messages:

   Processing IMPORT STATIC
   Import Cleanup Started
   Building Import file
   Loading import data
   Could not find Sql Loader executable
*************** Import Failed **********************

Fatal Error occurred - check the log /u01/users/qa4/tyc/v80st/install/aw_install.log
stopso all
   Requested processes "all" not running
   stopso done

If the upgrade had successfully completed we should have seen the awenv.ini file listed and the last line should have been

------------- awenv.ini ----- END ------------

You can see that they received an error that sqlldr could not be found and so the Import Failed.  In this case we checked to ensure that their Oracle environment variables were set correctly and they were.  Then we had them issue the following command from the command line on their UNIX machine:

which sqlldr

the program could not be found, so they were advised to contact their Oracle DBA to resolve the issue and then re-run awinstall and ensure that it completed successfully.  Once they re-installed the Oracle client and sqlldr existed and was available from the Applications Manager user, they ran awinstall and it completed successfully.  They logged into the client and attempted to access a Request Module action on a condition, it was available.