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Using the AW_SFTP file for secure file transfer


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Affects Release version(s): 7.1

Using the AW_SFTP file for secure file transfer


Component: APPMGR


Detailed Description and Symptoms

The AW_SFTP module is a new module introduced in version 7.1 of Application Manager (AM). The purpose of this module is to transfer file(s) between two machines. To be able to execute this job an AM agent needs to be installed on the machine where the task is to be performed.


AW_SFTP  has 9 default prompts:

1. Remote Machine UserID – Name of OS level user on the 'target' Machine where the file will the transferred from or to. This is normally the non-AM machine.

2. Remote Machine Hostname or IP – IP address or Host name of the 'target' Machine.

3. Command - FTP options available (eg: put, get, mput, etc.) that are the same as command level. This is a pre-defined list of values (LOV) that will be chosen in the prompt.

4. Local Path – The directory/folder path to where the file(s) is present or will be transferred to on the local (AM) machine.

5. Local File or Pattern – Name or Pattern for the filename(s) to be transferred. Eg: somefile.txt or somefile.*.

6. Remote Path – The path to the file(s) on the remote/target machine that will be transferred from or to.

7. Remote File or Pattern – Same as definition of Local File or Pattern.

8. File Type – BINARY or ASCII file formats in which the file will be transferred.

9. Compress – Compresses the file during transfer process to making the amount of data transferred smaller.

In the example in the video the file transfer is being made between the Master's Agent and a non-AM machine.

The values of the parameters that will be used for the demonstration are as follows:

1. Remote Machine UserID – [email protected] This is available as a drop-down value.

2. Remote Machine Hostname or IP -

3. Command – PUT. Available by clicking 'Select' as this is a LOV prompt.

4. Local Path - /home/qa4/unix80/ftp_demo/. The trailing slash towards the end is important.

5. Local File or Pattern – ftp_test. This is the file that we wish to ftp to the remote machine.

6. Remote Path - /isa/qa4/ftp_demo/

7. Remote File or Pattern - new_ftp_test (Not a 'required value'). This will just change/append the name of ftp_test in (5) to new_ftp_test. If not used, the file will just be ftp'd as ftp_test.

8. File Type – BINARY

9. Compress – N (as the file in question is fairly small in size).