AWA: Utility user receives message Access denied.
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AWA: Utility user receives message Access denied.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When attempting to use the Client Copy utility (or Archive, Reorg), user receives an error message (Access denied).
U0036189 Logon with user 'AUTOMIC/%'.
U00032206 Logon with user 'AUTOMIC/%' was not successful. Access denied
This error could happen with any user name - it is not limited to "Automic".


Release: 21.0, 12.3
Component: Automic Workload Automation


The Utility will be executed under the current OS user (if run locally) or user in Login object.
If the running Utility is on a specific client then it requires the user to be available on that client.


Create the user object "AUTOMIC" (or applicable user name, if not this) in corresponding clients (or Client 0 in case of Client Copy Utility)  then attempt to run the Utility again.