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Known Error with Applications Manager v8.0 SP15


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Known Error with Applications Manager v8.0 SP15


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Applications Manager v8.0 SP15 Known Error

AM-444/PRB0311741 - CHECK FILE condition that looks for a zero byte file causes the job to fail with DB ERROR.  This issue was introduced in AM8 SP13 and resolved in AM8 SP14.  However, it was re-introduced in AM8 SP15. 



A BEFORE CHECK FILE condition does not work when the file it is checking is zero bytes in size.  If the file contains even 1 byte of data it will function correctly.




In AM v8.0 SP15 we fixed an issue with {file_line}:

AM-230 - Fixed an issue where the replacement value {file_line} is resolved to the first 1024 characters of the file, rather than
just the first line. 

This fix impacted the fix that we implemented in AM v8.0 SP14 for PRB0311741 where CHECK FILE conditions that look for a zero byte file causes the job to fail with DB ERROR and re-introduced the error in AM8 SP15.



Our recommendations in the following order are:
  1. Upgrade to AM9 SP1 as it contains the fix.
  2. Stay on AM8 SP14 until AM8 SP16 is released.
  3. Ensure that the file being checked is at least 1 byte in size. 


This issue has been resolved in the following releases:

  • AM 9.0 SP1, which was released July 1, 2015. 
  • AM8.0 SP16 which is to be released in March 3, 2016.