AwE-5043 Not all data was retrieved, row limit exceeded
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AwE-5043 Not all data was retrieved, row limit exceeded


Article ID: 88712


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After entering User name and password at the login screen and selecting OK, a progress bar is displayed, and the logon continues until it gets to a "Loading output" step. After a couple of minutes, the following error message is displayed:

ErrorMsg: AwE-5043 Not all data was retrieved, row limit exceeded
Details: Output

This error is based on the Output Window functionality found by selecting

Activities > Output.

When the Output Window is allowed to exceed 500 rows or more, the above error is thrown. As this Window continues to grow, the longer the delay in logging in. 


This is due to too many outputs tagged with the LOG status. Each time an Application Manager user connects with the Java client, it will read all outputs with LOG status.

If a user has not been checking the Output window regularly, the number of entries can exceed the 500 limit.


There are a few solutions to this issue depending on whether or not the legacy "LOG" option is preferred over the current "STORE" option.

If the LOG option is preferred: 

Option 1 - A User seeing the error needs to manually review and hide output in the Output Window.

Option 2 - Run the OLDPRTS Job. More information about the Output Window, the OLDPRTS Job, and how to hide output can be found at the doc link below:

Working with the Output Window

Option 3 - The limit of 500 can be increased via the by adding the following line:

OutMgrMaxRows=2000 (example)

The files exists in the Master's $AW_HOME/web/classes directory (global setting) or on the Java Client's <MASTER> sub-directory that is found in the same directory as the RunClient.jar (local setting)

If the STORE option is preferred:

Option 1 - Manually edit any Job, Process Flow, and Component output function and change from LOG to STORE

Option 2 - If many Jobs, Process Flows, and/or Components need to be found and updated via sql see below:

Finding Jobs or Process Flows that use LOG option:

select so_module as "JOB/PF" from so_job_table where so_out_function='LOG';

Finding Components:

select a.so_module as "Process Flow", b.so_task_name as "Component", c.so_output_funct as "Output Function"
from so_job_table a, so_chain_detail b, so_chain_prts c
where a.so_job_seq=b.so_chain_seq
and b.so_chain_seq=c.so_chain_seq
and c.so_output_funct='STORE';

Updating all Jobs and Process Flows from LOG to STORE:

update so_job_table set so_out_function='STORE' where so_out_function='LOG';

Updating all Components from LOG to STORE:

update so_chain_prts set so_output_funct='STORE' where so_output_funct in ('Log','LOG');