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Performance problems and an explanation of U00003533


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


If an Automic system has performance issues that might include, but are not limited to:

Many Time Critical Database Calls
Slow performance
High CPU usage of the WPs and CPs?

One key aspect to look at is the message below that appears in startup of the WPs and CPs within their log files:

U00003533 Check of data source finished: No errors. Performance CPU/DB: '&01'/'&02'


Release: Automation Engine - all versions
Component: Automic Workload Automation: Automation Engine


The message:

U00003533 Check of data source finished: No errors. Performace CPU/DB: '&01'/'&02'

holds information regarding CPU and database performance. 

The first number (&01) returns the amount incrementation (i=i++) that the CPU can calculate in 1 second. 

The second number of insert/select/fetch/rollback statement sequence against the DIVDB table in the database that the Automic Engine is able to run within 1 second.  Below is an example of a system with good performance:

U00003533 Check of data source finished: No errors. Performance CPU/DB: '28253037'/'1030'
U00003544 Reference values tested with Windows 2003 on XEON 1500 MHz: CPU 813865, DB 470


This shows that the CPU was able to add 'i++' 28,235,037 times in 1 seconds and was able to run an insert/select/retch/rollback statement 1030 times against the database within 1 seconds.  The benchmark for all QA and testing is referenced in the U00003544 message where the CPU was able to do 813,865 incrementations and was able to run an insert or select statement against the database 470 times in 1 second.  Anything below these either of these numbers may be a sign that there will be performance problems, especially during times of high loads.

Additional Information

Older versions use a 7 digit code and the message would start with U0003533