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PS Job unable to run PeopleSoft processes that contain Bind Variables


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


PS Job unable to run PeopleSoft processes that contain Bind Variables


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager


Detailed Description and Symptoms

PS Job unable to run PeopleSoft processes that contain Bind Variables.

  • PeopleSoft processes that contain Bind Variables started by PS Job end with return code '102'.
Example: U2000009 Job 'PS.SAMPLE.SQR' with RunID '90909990' ended on return code '102'.
  • Following message appears in the Activation Report:
    U2004025 Job-script execution was aborted.

1) Check to confirm that other PeopleSoft processes started by Automic PS Jobs are completing successfully without errors/return codes.

2) If you are able to confirm some processes complete successfully (see "1" above), but some PeopleSoft processes started by Automic PS Jobs display the symtoms described - determine if the PS job objects are using Bind variables.

The simplest way to determine this is to edit the object and confirm the "PS_SET_BINDVAR" function appears before the "PS_RUN_PROCESS" function.  If so, then it is highly likely that the "optional" step, "Configuration for using bind variables", from the installation procedure for PeopleSoft Agents (Windows/UNIX) was not completed.


Some additional settings need to be specified if bind variables are used in PeopleSoft processes (ensure that the Automic interface has been installed before completing this function).

Please contact Automic Support for SQL statements.


After both statements are executed the process scheduling server (for example PSUNX) needs to be restarted.
The web interface can be used to check if the new process types are assigned successfully:
Go to: PeopleTools --> Process Scheduler --> Servers --> PSUNX
In the table "Process Types run on this Server" there should be a list of process types starting with "Automic".  A Screenshot from our PS system has been attached as an example:


After the setup is completed, the Jobs with bind parameters should run.?