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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


No licenses present


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Applicable to Applications Manager Versions:  v7.1, v8.0
Error Message Details:
When no license file present:

ErrorMsg: AwE-5012 File read error (12/15/11 6:28 PM)
Details: /u01/users/AM8/data/keyfile.ini (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.)

ErrorMsg: AwE-5128 Client Request Error (12/15/11 6:28 PM)
Details: startStopAgent
No licenses present : APXPRD : java.lang.RuntimeException

ErrorMsg: AwE-5203 No licenses present (12/15/11 6:28 PM)
Details: APPWORX

When the actual host name for the machine doesn't match the information in the license file:

Master: Looking for AGENT[TSTSUP01:APXPRD]
    06:17:51.715 rfp0: findLicense AGENT null
    06:17:51.715 rfp0: AwE-5203
    ErrorMsg: AwE-5203 No licenses present (12/15/11 6:28 PM)
    Details: APPWORX
    No licenses present : APPWORX : null

When you log into the client you see the above RmiServer errors displayed in the RmiServer Error popup and the Master (Automation Engine) is in a Stopped status.
The above error message indicates that Applications Manager does not have a license present or that the license that is in place does not match the server's definition.

Paths and environment variables specified below are for Unix/Linux systems.  If you are using Windows the folders referenced can be found using %AW_HOME%\ instead of $AW_HOME/.
  • First ensure a valid keyfile.ini is located in the $AW_HOME/data directory on the Master machine.  If it does not exist contact [email protected] to obtain the license key file.
  • If the keyfile.ini file does exists, we will need debug logs and a copy of your keyfile.ini file to find the key discrepancy.  Therefore, please follow the steps outlined below:
           1. Stop the AM processes:           
                  stopso all

               Ensure the processes are stopped.

           2. Edit the $AW_HOME/site/awenv.ini file and under the [default] section change

               If a Debug line does not exist in the [default] section, add it.

           3. Restart the AM processes
                 startso all

            4. Reproduce the error and send us the latest RmiServer<timestamp>.log and AgentService<timestamp>.log files located in the
                $AW_HOME/log directory as well as your keyfile.ini file located in the $AW_HOME/data directory.

            5. Disable debugging by stopping all the AM processes:
                   stopso all

                Ensure the processes are stopped.
            6. Edit the $AW_HOME/site/awenv.ini file and changing the Debug line under the [default] section to

                Save the changes.

            7. Restart the AM processes:
                   startso all

If you would like to investigate the issue further before calling support you would need to search for the following text in the debug logs you just generated:

     No licenses present

These lines will show you the entries available in the keyfile, or even if the keyfile exists.  If the file exists the name of the Master name/Host name will be displayed.  If you see a mismatch between these entries, please contact [email protected] for a new license key.  If you are unable to see the discrepancy, please contact [email protected] and provide them with the information gathered above.