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How to resolve: Sample map magic doesn't match. Aborting load of templates.


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


In NFA 9.3.3, you may see this error in the Harvester-Wrapper.log: "Sample map magic doesn't match. Aborting load of templates." The result of this issue is that v9+ Netflow may not be collected properly. 


NFA 9.3.3Windows Server 2008Windows Server 2012RedHat Linux


The Harvester process was creating corrupt .NTA files that would not allow v9+ templates load properly. 


  1. Download SampleMagic_9.3.3.Patch_9.3.3.02 and copy to each harvester.
  2. Stop all Harvester services.
  3. Delete all the .nta files from the following location "<installDir>\Netflow\datafiles\HarvesterArchive\".
  4. Rename the file: "<installDir>\Netflow\bin\" to "".
  5. Extract the contents from the file "9.3.3.Patch_9.3.3.02" in a clean directory.
  6. Copy the extracted file "" to "<installDir>\Netflow\bin" and copy "guava-18.0.jar" to "<installDir>\NetFlow\lib".
  7. Edit <installDir>/NetFlow/conf/harvester-wrapper.conf file - locate sections with "" entries, and add the following entry:
  8. Restart all the harvester services which were stopped in step 1.