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ARA 11.2 /RM 6.0 page does not load.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Affects Release version(s): 6

After update from v5 or fresh install ARA 6.0, the page does not load, and the following entries appear on the log file
2015-11-03 12:03:01,506 [1] INFO  operationLog - ----------------------------SYSTEM STARTED----------------------------
2015-11-03 12:03:02,473 [1] DEBUG Ventum.Bond2.MultiTenancy.TenantConfigurationBuilder - Building system/client information
2015-11-03 12:03:05,905 [1] DEBUG RM.ConnectionCloser - Initializing connection closer
2015-11-03 12:03:06,030 [1] DEBUG RM.PeriodicTasks - Creating AgentSevice
2015-11-03 12:03:06,030 [1] DEBUG RM.PeriodicTasks - AgentSevice created
2015-11-03 12:03:06,030 [1] DEBUG RM.AgentUpdater - AgentInfoGetter created
2015-11-03 12:03:06,030 [1] DEBUG RM.PeriodicTasks - AgentSevice initialized
2015-11-03 12:03:06,404 [9] DEBUG RM.Heartbeat - Refreshing instance status
2015-11-03 12:03:06,404 [1] DEBUG RM.AE.SnapshotTypeRegistryService - Creating SnapshotTypeRegistryService
2015-11-03 12:03:06,404 [1] DEBUG RM.AE.SnapshotTypeRegistryService - SnapshotTypeRegistryService created
2015-11-03 12:03:06,404 [1] DEBUG RM.SnapshotTypeRegistryLoader - SnapshotTypeRegistryLoader created
2015-11-03 12:03:06,420 [1] WARN  RM.AE.SnapshotTypeRegistryService - Invalid Snapshot.TypeRegistry.ReloadInterval value: 0. Default value (60 seconds) assumed.
2015-11-03 12:03:06,420 [1] DEBUG RM.AE.SnapshotTypeRegistryService - SnapshotTypeRegistryService initialized, refreshPeriod = 60 seconds
2015-11-03 12:03:06,435 [10(QATMC/800)] DEBUG RM.Heartbeat - Refreshing instance status for QATMC/800.

From version 5.1.3 and 6.0.0, fulltext search functionality is moved to separated executable file. This executation file is located under bin folder of WebUI: bin\Automic.Ara.FullTextSearch.exe 
In certain version of Windows Server, it blocks executable files download from internet (Automic download center in this case) and thus RM is blocked while trying to start the search server. 
This behavior can be changed in Local Group Policy Editor. Under User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager > Do not preserve zone information in file attachments The blocked file can be verified in 
Automic.Ara.FullTextSearch.exe properties tab (right click and select properties): In this tab there is an unblock button at the bottom



Component: ARLSMG


1.Download streams 1.56 from Microsoft technet website and store it in local folder. E.g: C:\streams
2. Run cmd as an administrator and use Streams to unblock FulltextSearch executable file. Enter following commands
cd C:\streams
streams.exe -d C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebUI\bin\Automic.Ara.FullTextSearch.exe
3. In Services, restart World Wide Web Publishing Service

4. Reload RM again, it should work correctly