Autoscheduling: All ETC is scheduled for one day for some assignments
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Autoscheduling: All ETC is scheduled for one day for some assignments


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When Autoscheduling in the Clarity Gant or Open Workbench (OWB), all ETC is getting scheduled for one day for some assignments if loading pattern is set to Front


  1. Create a project with a 2 month span (make sure it goes into the future)
  2. Add one team member to the project
  3. Set the resource's Default Allocation to 0%
  4. Create allocation segments for the resource:
    • On the Team tab, click on the properties icon next to the resource
    • Add segments under the Allocation section (example of segments used below)
      • 11/14/17 - 11/22/17 @ 35% allocated 
      • 11/23/17 - 12/6/17 @ 40% allocated 
      • 12/7/17 - 12/29/17 @ 0%
  5. Create a task (Task dates can be the same as project dates or a smaller subset of those dates)
  6. Assign the team member to the task with the following criteria:
    • Loading Pattern: Front 
    • Make sure the assignment dates are more than one day (including a time frame in the future)
    • Make sure the ETC is more than 8 hours
  7. Launch the PPM Gantt for the project and Autoschedule with Options
  8. Uncheck all options and leave the Autoschedule Date defaulted to the current date

Expected Results: Auto schedule will spread hours based on allocation segments or at least not all on the first day 

Actual Results: All hours are placed on first day


Applies to all supported releases.


This one was reviewed by Development as DE37664 and determined to be working as designed for Front loading pattern.


This issue happens when a resource has a default allocation of 0% and there isn't enough allocated hours for the resource in the non-zero allocation periods for the task to be scheduled. Autoschedule will attempt to schedule the task into the zero portion of the allocation, resulting in the one-day duration.

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