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Javelin Soap Request activity showing error for Agile Designer flow


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Created Javelin flow to run a Soap request activity. Though all the details such as payload, URL, and header seem to be correct, we are facing issues while running the flow. 
When using variables for header and request body in the Soap step, it gives an error as "Specified value has invalid CRLF characters". 

When the payload and header are pasted directly into the step fields, it gives "(500) Internal Server Error" as the error.


Javelin GA version from TDM 4.x versions


CRLF characters were seen in the payload and header text.

string.Empty found in actions field of Javelin flow.


Below changes should be made so that "Specified value has invalid CRLF characters" do not appear anymore and Javelin shows the same response code that is being returned by target system in SOAP UI. 

- Remove CRLF characters from the payload and header text. 
- Replace "" with ' in both payload and header text. 
- Replace string.Empty with "" in the actions field of Javelin flow.