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PeopleSoft CLASSES parameter no longer used in PeopleSoft Agent 12.1 and above


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The CLASSES Parameter that is used in the 11.2 version of the PeopleSoft Agent is no longer required in the JAVA-Based PeopleSoft Agent for version 12.1 and above.

Previously, the documentation stated that it was used in 12.1. 

Also, the named jar files (ex. psjoa_856.jar) may not be found by the Agent when upgrading to 12.1


Release: AUTWAB99000-12.0-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


The documentation has been updated to reflect the changes in the 12.1 PeopleSoft Agent .ini file.

The 12.1 Agent does not have the CLASSES parameter, specific psjoa files cannot be referenced with a filepath.

The file needs to strictly be called "psjoa.jar" and be placed in the Agent's bin directory.