Maintaining Data Records vs. old Statistic and Report Records
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Maintaining Data Records vs. old Statistic and Report Records


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Maintaining Data Records vs. old Statistic and Report Records


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



The reorganization process (Automic.DB Archive, Automic.DB Reorg and Automic.DB Unload) removes statistic and report data from the Automic database. The criterion for reorganization specifies how long records are kept in the database. Older ones will be removed. The preconditions are that the records have a valid end timestamp and end status.
For several reasons statistic (AH) and / or report (RH) entries got no end timestamp and / or no end status in specific cases:
· Statistic records of queue and sync objects are not closed, if they were deleted
· CallAPI's doesn't close there reports in some cases
· A Process Flow, with the option 'generate at runtime', which aborts during the generation of a child task, doesn't close the static record of the following child tasks
·  Periodic turnaround of C_PERIOD's doesn't close the report
· The first periodic turnaround of a schedule object closes just the report of type 'LOG', other types stays open
· CP reports are re-opened during a system shutdown, if the CP sends a report block after shutdown was initiated
· Agent LOG is created as 'open' when the Agent is shutting down, if the Agent sends the first report block after shutdown was initiated
· Reports which have also 'LOG' records doesn't close them

All these bugs were fixed in Automation Engine Version 9.00A Service Pack 2 (9.2.0). 
Note: Once the system is updated to V9 SP2 no more new faulty records were created, but there is no automatic cleanup of the currently existing faultily records.
In order to remove the old records, run sql statements received from Support during an automic system downtime. The records will be removed during the normal maintenance (reorganization) process, afterward.
Contact Automic Support for SQL statements.

In certain specific situations (where Jobs end with "ENDED SKIPPED" and there are no AH_TIMESTAMP4 records in the AH table) different update statements are required.  See Article Jobs end with ENDED_SKIPPED, no AH_TIMESTAMP4 record created in Database  for additional information.