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Zero Downtime Upgrade process results in error 'FINALIZE' not possible


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When using the Zero Downtime Upgrade (ZDU) wizard to upgrade the CA Automic Workload Automation the following message might be displayed at the end of the process
"ZERO_DOWNTIME_UPGRADE - 'FINALIZE' not possible. Workprocesses to shut down are not idle yet."

and the upgrade cannot be completed.





The ZDU can't be completed because one of the following reasons:

Reason 1)
There are still Communication Processes (CP) running on the old versions because Users and/or Agents are still connected to the process.

Reason 2)
There might still be activities left which were activated before the ZDU started which need to be finished first.

Reason 3)
If all old WP and CP processes are deactivated and neither an Agent nor a User is connected to the old CPs and WPs, there might be left over records in the database in the old MQ-Set.


Depending on the reasons above please check the following Solutions:
Solution 1)
Check in the Agent Overview (System Overview | Agents) to see whether
there are still Agents connected to the old CPs and disconnect them. Afterward, they will connect to the new CPs.
Also check if there are any users still connected to the old CPs (System Overview | Users). If they are, you will need to disconnect them or end or disconnect their sessions. When they log back in they should connect to the new CPs.
Solution 2)
You have to wait until those activities are finished before you can finalize the ZDU.
If already all old processes were deactivated, please turn on one Communication Process (CP) and one Work Process (WP) in the old version so that the old processes can finish the tasks from before the ZDU started.
Solution 3)
The database needs to be checked if left over records exist. Please contact the CA Automic Support for further advise.
Finalize the ZDU:
Once nothing is connected to the CPs of the previous version, there are no activities remaining that were started before the ZDU started, and no left over records are in the old MQ-Set, the old WPs should be idle and the ZDU will finish.