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Why is my Archive Manager not connecting after a Solaris security update.


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CA Spectrum


After a Solaris Security update, we restarted both SpectroSERVERs but the Archive Manager on one, will not connect.  We looked in the vnm.out and see:

Unable to contact the CORBA Naming Service. ERROR TRACE at Failed to connect to CORBA Naming Service on corbaloc::<hostname>:14006/NameService, will retry in 5 seconds. 




any Spectrum version


Trying to start the Archive Manager manually from the Spectrum Control Panel, gave a Location Server error. 

Checking the <$SPECROOT>/LS folder, showed that the archmgr executable was owned by root, instead of the install owner.


The most common cause of this, is logging on to the OS as root and running the application as root.




We changed ownership, of the executable, restarted processD and the Archive Manager started.