Sysload Products-what to check before you contact Customer Service
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Sysload Products-what to check before you contact Customer Service


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CA Automic Sysload


To start troubleshooting your Sysload-related problems on Windows and Unix/Linux System Agents, Customer Service is bound to ask for different files according to the product you use.

Learn to gather the right files for each product and help us speed up the problem analysis and resolution.


Release: ASYSMN99000-6.0-Automic Sysload-SP Monitor


1. Agent-Related Issues
If the Agent does not start, or if the Agent crashes, please gather the following files and send them to Customer Service:
   o sldrmd.log [Collector log file]
   o sldrmd.ini (Windows) or sldrmd-init (Unix/Linux) [Collector configuration file]
   o sldfsd.log [FileServer log file]
   o sldfsd.ini (Windows) or sldfsd-init (Unix/Linux) [FileServer configuration file]

2. Token Server/ Related Token Retrieval Issues
Please gather the following files:
   o sldtkd.log
   o sldtks.ini [Token Server configuration file]
   o sldrmd.log or console.log (depending on which is unable to retrieve its token)

3. Management Server Related Issues
Please gather the following files:
   o sldmgts.log [Management Server log file]
   o sldmgts.ini [Management Server configuration file]
   o sldcs.log [Communication Server log file]
   o sldcs.ini [Communication Server configuration file]

4. Console-Related Issues
- Issues regarding the Console :
   o console.log
   o sld.ini [Console configuration file]
- For issues involving the Console and the agent (agent is unreachable, real-time or historical data cannot be retrieved, events or entities models cannot be deployed, alerts do not appear in the console and so forth):
   o console.log
   o sldmscom.log
   o sldrmd.log
   o sldfsd.log
   o sldmgts.log
   o sldcs.log

Please note that the agent, the Communication Server/Management Server and the Token Server can all be reached through a Web interface.
This can be useful to quickly check log file or to check/modify configuration. Find below the default ports to specify in your Web browser:
- For the agent -> IP_address:9501
- For the Communication Server / Management Server -> IP_address:9900
- For the Token Server -> IP_address:9557