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We are getting a false Getting LINK AGGREGATION CONDITION IS CRITICAL alert after upgrading to 10.2.1


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CA Spectrum


Recently I upgraded from 9.4.2 to 10.2.1, and now I am getting the "LINK AGGREGATION CONDITION IS CRITICAL" alert on one of the devices.  Previously on this same device, I was getting a "DIFFERNT TYPE OF MODEL" alert, which disappeared after I ran model reconfiguration, via but was replaced with an alert for link aggregation. 

However, I can see and check on router and spectrum and both portsof Lag are working fine.


Spectrum 10.2.1


There is a modeling upgrade requirement in the 10.2 Frequently Asked Questions to configure devices to utilize the LACP feature when upgrading to 10.2.

A.  On each upgraded SpectroSERVER there is a script named in the <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/PostInstall directory that you need to run.  If you migrated your SSdb and need a copy of this script, contact CA Spectrum Support.  This script only needs to be run on migrated or upgraded databases.  It does NOT need to be run on brand new databases.  After 10.2 has been installed, any newly created models that support LACP will have the functionality enabled automatically.  A change has been made to work with PAgP configured LACP in 10.2. Refer to KD36939 and KD36922 as you may need to upgrade the firmware and/or add 


to the <SPECROOT>/SS/.vnmrc file.  If you already ran this script in 9.4.x or 10.0 and need the PAgP functionality, install 10.2, make the change to the .vnmrc, stop and restart the SpectroSERVER, and then run the script again.



1. Find a device with the alarms in question, that can be delete. 

2. Delete the device 

3. rediscover 

4. restart the SS 

5. run the above script straight away 

6. Check if the alarms come back.

Additional Information

The script looks for all application models named 802dot3adApp.  It then gets a list of the interfaces associated to the device that app belongs to.  If the interface type is 161 (ieee8023adLag) but it is modeled as Gen_IF_Port, then then script destroys the Gen_IF_Port interface and creates the LACP_IF.  This was done to account for users that had previously modeled devices and then upgraded to 9.4.0.  Instead of destroying and recreating all of the device models, users can just run the script.