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U0003487 ListenSocket with port number '2217' could not be created


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Detailed Description and Symptoms
U0003487 ListenSocket with port number '2217' could not be created.
U0003413 Socket call 'bind' returned error code '98'.
Address already in use

CPs will not start and these messages are in the CP log files:
The CPs are not starting due to the ports already being in use.  In this case you will need your Operating System Administrator to find out what is running on those ports (in the case of this example they are 2217 and 2218—the default CP ports for Automic).


Release: AOATAM99000-8.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager


If you are able to find what is running on these ports, stop it before you run these CPs. 
In some cases, it is a hung process and you may need to reboot the machine on which the CPs are running. 
If you do this and are still unable to start the CPs due to the same error messages, you will need to find two ports that are available on the system and update the cp1= and cp2= settings under the [TCP/IP] section of your ucsrv.ini file to use these ports.