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On Unix/Linux, if Agent installation directory has "#" like agent#11 , Jobs will fail when using csh or -csh


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


On a system running Unix/Linux operating systems, if the agent installation directory has "#" like agent# 11, the jobs will fail when using csh or -csh .

The Automation Engine (AE) agent is unable to handle a pound sign (#) character with 
csh or with -csh .

This works fine when using the 
ksh shell.

Error message:
If the agent is installed in the path /
automic/UC4/agent#12 , the job will fail with the following error message in the report log:
/automic/UC4/agent: Permission denied.


OS: Unix


This is a limitation on csh. For example, if you have the following script and execute it outside Unix Agent.
#! /bin/csh
cd /home/UC4/ae11/agent#112
echo TEST
exit $?
# ./test
/home/UC4/ae11/agent: No such file or directory.

Do the following (test it first on your test environment):
  • Modify the HEADER.UNIX and TRAILER.UNIX as shown in the attached files
  • Modify the parameter UC_EX_JOB_MD and makes sure to put the full name of the job messenger binary as shown below:
  • Then, in the UNIX tab of your JOBS, put -v on the Shell option field