What does it mean when Jobs appear in a blue QUEUED status?
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What does it mean when Jobs appear in a blue QUEUED status?


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


What is the meaning of blue "QUEUED" Job status?




CA Automic Applications Manager


There could be multiple reasons for a Job to be stuck in a blue QUEUED status.   

Generally, a Job in the backlog is displayed in a status of QUEUED and is green when the task has been sent to an Applications Manager (AM) queue but has not been processed by the Automation Engine (Master) to determine execution eligibility.  The status is usually quickly updated.

However, occasionally you may see a Job being displayed in a status of QUEUED that is blue instead of green. This is an indication that the Job is stuck for some reason.  This is a symptom which can result from a variety of causes. 

One could be a resource constraint, Or it could be another job in the backlog, something holding up a Java thread, etc. 



Additional Information

Troubleshooting Information:

It’s best to gather information about what might have changed in the environment recently, enable RmiServer and AgentService debug, and contact support.

NOTE:  It is important to gather debug logs first 
since once you make any changes, support won't be able to investigate the cause.

Once you have the debug logs, try logging in and out of the User Interface as well as stopping and restarting the RmiServer to see if it is an issue with the refresh thread.  If the problem persists, contact support and provide the debug logs.


See the following article for enabling debugging.
Applications Manager Debug Matrix