CreateAttachment WebServices Method Fails with a time out error
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CreateAttachment WebServices Method Fails with a time out error


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The method CreateAttachment on Soap Web Services is failing with a timeout, the stdlog shows the following errors:

domsrvr 3900 ERROR domdict.c 1898 No response to trigger attmnt_init (3 time) after 120 seconds; waiting another 240 seconds

slump_nxd 5372 ERROR list.c 2638 Process 0|kt_daemon is still unknown after 900 seconds; cancelling verification and discarding 2 messages


Service Desk 14.1 or above


The "kt_daemon" process did not started properly after the Service Desk service was restarted, this results in a failure to create a new attachment object resulting in hang or timeout in the GUI and the error messages referenced previously.


There are two possibilities to solve this situation:

Option 1: Kill the existing kt_daemon process using the task manager, the process should restart automatically and the stdlog should record a message like the following if successful:

kt_daemon 9152 SIGNIFICANT KTDaemon.c 1259 KT daemon ready for action!

Once the record is in the stdlog the attachments should work properly.

Option 2: Restart the Service Desk service.