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File Events on Unix Agents start producing the error “opendir error code ‘24(Too many open files)’” after a certain period of time.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U02000102 Error when calling the function '*FE(33843365), opendir', error code '24(Too many open files)'.
U02000102 Error when calling the function 'opendir', error code '24(Too many open files)'.

File events used to check many files or directories frequently can cause the Unix Agent to produce the above errors.  This affects all file events on the Unix Agent issued under the same user login object.

Once the error occurs, the Unix Agent will likely continue to produce the errors until it is restarted.


OS: Unix


Cause type:
Root Cause: Using File events to check a large amount of files/directories frequently could cause the unix agent to produce an error "opendir error code ‘24(Too many open files)’". This effects all fileevents on that agent issued under the same user login object.


This field was added on 30/03/2017. This article has not been updated yet. Refer to the "Description" or "Workaround" sections for solution information.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Agent Unix

Automation Engine 11.2.2 - Available
Automation Engine 11.1.3 - Available

Additional Information

Workaround :
Limit the frequency of execution of ALL file events for one particular user login to a repeat time of 15 minutes or greater.This might not work if there are many file events for the same user login running.To use this workaround you need to assure that there is a gap between those file events of at least 15 minutes. Alternatively:Type the Unix/Linux box where the Agent is installed, issue the command: ulimit -nIncrease the ulimit -n to a higher value which will extend the time until the error is encounter and to restart the Agent after X time frame before the Agent encounter the error.