Editing object results in "ORA-20025: No role access" error
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Editing object results in "ORA-20025: No role access" error


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Error Message :
ORA-20025: No role access to "role in get_role_seq_aw when add_obj_roles

When editing an object, the following error may occur:
ORA-20025: No role access to " role OPS_NO_EDIT in get_role_seq_aw when add_obj_roles


User Group(s) are assigned to a User, and define what a User can view or edit. This error can be seen in the following User Group configuration:
  • The object is owned by User Groups A and B
  • User Group B is not assigned to User Group A
If user group B is assigned to User Group A, even with Non Edit Authorization, User Group A will be able to edit the object. However, User Group A will now be able to remove user group B from the object. This is not ideal because it bypasses the "Non Edit Authorization" rule.



OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
Root Cause: Behavior is as designed and is caused by the way that the groups are assigned.


Remove User Group A from itself, meaning no User Group objects are assigned to that User Group. However, User Group A will no longer be able to see objects it creates, because it cannot assign objects to itself. This would require User Group A to be assigned to itself.

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