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Service Manager Command Line Interface, UCYBSMCL, on AIX fails when password encryption is activated


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
ERROR 3 Protocol violation (1879048192)

If the password encryption is done on an Automation Engine (AE) system on a Windows instance and copied to a UNIX ucysmgr.ini file the above error message is displayed and the authentication in the Service Manager Interface will fail when the password encryption is activated on UNIX no matter how it is used to interact with the processes, either using the command line (CLI) program, UCYBSMCL, or through the Service Manager dialog.
If a password with no encryption is used it works fine.  Also, if AE and the encryption tool are installed on Windows and the generated output is added directly as such to the Service Manager Configuration file it will work.

It only fails when the password encryption is performed on a Windows instance and the encrypted password is copied to a UNIX ucysmgr.ini file.


From an AE Windows instance encrypt the password and copy the encrypted password to a UNIX ucysmgr.ini file.

On the UNIX machine run the following command from the CLI:

./ucybsmcl -c START_PROCESS -h <computer name> -n <phrase> -s <service name> -p <password>
NOTE:  Replace items in between <> with valid entries for the computer name, phrase, service name and password.

Actual:  The Error listed above is returned in the Interface.
Expected:  The service should start.



Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: The problem is linked to a difference between the character sets used in Windows and in UNIX.


OS: Unix
OS Version: N/A


The encrypted password is generated on an Automaton Engine (AE) instance using:

UCYBCRYP[.EXE] -p -n <Password>

This will generate a string similar to this output:

Copy this string without the two beginning dash characters (--) .

On the UNIX Host, edit the Service Manager Configuration file, ucsmgr.ini, and add the following character string:

Now add the two missing dashes "--" manually as follows:
Save the file and restart the Service Manager process to activate the password encryption.

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