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Error when searching with too many options such as "Search in all columns" or "Search in Process"


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U00020568 Runtime error in object 'XSEARCH(SET)'

When using the search in the Java-UI and selecting the additional option "Search in all columns" in the "Further options" tab  or "Search in Process" the following errors appear:
Error on MSSQL:
U00020568 Runtime error in object 'XSEARCH(SET)', line '00427'. DS return 
code: '0000003590': 'U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR ', 
'42000', 'Incorrect syntax
near ')'.''. Error occurred in UCDSFUN at position: 

Error on Oracle:
"U00020568 Runime error in object 'XSEARCH(SET), DS return code: '0000003590': 'U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'OCIStmtExecute','ERROR ', 
".'ORA-00936: missing expression", Error occurred in UCDSFUN at position: 'DS_SEARCH41',"


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
Root Cause: Text search shows error message if too many options are activated, such as "Search in Process" or "Search in all Columns".


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Automation Engine 12.0.2 - Available
Automation Engine 11.2.5 – Available

Additional Information

Workaround :
The issue starts if 5 options are checked for the search. 

Reduce the number of activated options.